Drawings Privacy Policy From 1998 - Present Coloured pencils, gouache, acrylics, inks ®All rights reserved by Alberto Cruz Inc. 2020 Drawings, Illustrations Just like in my paintings the drawings I create are inspired by nature and in this case by everyday things and a lot of imagination. My approach to drawing is different from illustrating, because I feel that when I draw something in whichever medium, is from my own creation and decision making. On the other hand, I feel that when I illustrate a piece, it doesn't necessarily mean something I decided alone, usually by an existing idea, a client or colleagues.
®All rights reserved by Alberto Cruz Inc. 2021 Collection of Drawings
In this collection you will find drawings in a variety of mediums, some of these drawings were illustrations from college that I submitted as final projects. There are also recent drawings inspired by the sea, women and surfing.