Murals Privacy Policy Acrylics on drywall, located at 253 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON Mexican Landscape This mural was one of 4 murals that were painted inside of Krepesz Cafe & Bar back in 2014. Each mural was painted by a different artist, each artist chose one element from the four (fire, wind, earth, water). I created my mural around the "wind" element. I chose to use the Aztec and Maya gods of wind as the dominant components. To continue with the theme of the wind I incorporated in the bottom, the Spanish ships which were powered by wind. The use of cement to create rock like textures was implemented to make the mural stand out and to appear more organic. Mural Art Projects My passion for murals and large scale painting is very much influenced by the art of the Mexican muralists from the 1920's-1950's and also from pre-hispanic iconography and ancient legends. As a muralist expressing my personal ideas and vision, my goal is to create impactful art pieces with a substantial message(s) to the public. When working with commercial clients (commissions) the planning and execution of the murals are based on the problem wanting to resolve every particular time a project is commenced.
Hipster Calaveras Acrylics on drywall, located at 121 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON The title of this mural was influenced by the area in which it was painted (very hipster). The idea to paint characters inspired by the Day of the Dead was suggested by the client (Papi Chulo's Mexicana). The mural depicts a couple of "cool" hipster skeletons chilling somewhere tropical having a good time drinking tequila and enjoying an ancestral ritual which happens in the background while they sip on Margaritas and discuss life and the universe.
Latex on drywall, located at 277 Augusta Ave, Toronto, On Gods of Wind "I want a nice Mexican landscape with farmers working the land" were the words of the owner when I asked her what to paint on the wall. After researching some references and ideas, I was inspired by "jimadores" (a type of Mexican farmer who harvests agave plants, which are harvested primarily for the production of mezcal, sotol and tequila. The door frame made me think of incorporating a "trajinera" (kind of boat) in the final design, which created a fictional landscape of a trajinera going by a lake while the farmers are hard at work.
®All rights reserved by Alberto Cruz Inc. 2021 Tacos 101 Luchadores Latex on brick and wood, demolished on 2019 :( For this mural, I was initially commissioned to paint their already established logo on the brick wall only. After a couple of months I was asked to create a street art piece with the "Lucha Libre" theme in mind for the bottom part of the front wall. As a result I created a composition with 3 "Luchadores" wrestling and shouting over tacos. Unfortunately this mural no longer exists, the building was demolished by developers to construct condominiums.