Standard Paintings An exposition of a selection of paintings from 1997-2017 Expolección: Expolección: La vision de un Jarocho.That was the title of an ephemeral art exposition I put together in 2018 as part of an art festival in Toronto, Canada. The show consisted of a selection of paintings done between the years of 1997 and 2017. With this expo I wanted to showcase a little bit of the evolution of my art style, I also wanted to mark a before and after in my work as a painter. The subject matter in the paintings I create are mostly influenced by personal experiences that occurred in the recent past, or by memories that live in my subconscious mind. I find inspiration in many things but primarily nature, human intellectual and in the rebel attitude of the resistance against babylon. I also do commission paintings executed in my artistic style. ®All rights reserved by Alberto Cruz Inc. 2020 Latest Oil + Acrylic Paintings slice1 ®All rights reserved by Alberto Cruz Inc. 2020 Buy Prints Buy Original Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Aliquam vel quam ut tellus gravida faucibus, Vivamos justo est, elementum vitae, malesuada eu, fermentum in, sapien. Donec sit amet justo. In velit. Vivamus turpis pede, dignissim sed scelerisque nec, pretium sit amet, dui, Nam nec felis non turpis hendrerit varius. In ultrices ornare lorem. Quisque 44"x32" | Modelo 3, from the Blow-Up Dolls Series | Oil On Canvas | 1998